Board of Apprenticeship Training (Western Region), Mumbai

  • September 26th, 2023 | 10:19 AM
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शिक्षु प्रशिक्षण मंडल (पश्‍चिमी क्षेत्र), मुंबई

Board of Apprenticeship Training (Western Region), Mumbai

Ministry of Education, Government of India


Institutions FAQs

We have enrolled in NATS web portal , but we have not noted down our user id and Password? How do we get it?

Kindly check your mail entered while registering online. If not found in your mail then forward a mail to us.

Is there any option to change our “User id” and “Password”?

You cannot change the “User id”. You can change your password either by logging into the portal and by navigating to “My Profile” section or by using forgot password option from the Login screen.

We have enrolled successfully in NATS, what should we do next?

You can track the status of your enrollment using your login credentials.

If we want to enroll as the "Sandwich" Institute, what should we select in the column of "Institution type"?

You should select the “Institution Type” as “Polytechnic College” for Diploma (sandwich) candidates and “Engineering College” for Engineering (Sandwich) Candidates.

What should we do if one of our Branches of Engineering is not available in the list of “Name of the Subject”?

You can enter the “Branch of Engineering” in the column of “If others, then specify” after selecting “Others” in the “Name of the subject” field.

Which mail id will be used for NATS online transactions as we have entered the mail ids for institution / principal / training officer?

All the email communications will be sent to the Institution mail.

Is First Class with Honor’s and First Class with Distinction the same?

Yes, they are one and the same.

Can we add more rows for the field of "Subject wise student strength"?

Yes, you can add more rows for the tab of “Subject wise student strength” by clicking “+” on the right hand side.

How should we forward our students details to your organization for Enrollment?

After registering online with us and getting requisite approval, you can forward the students detail through Bulk Upload.

What is Bulk Upload?

Bulk Upload is enrolling your pass out students’ data to our NATS server in specified format (Template) available in your login.

  • Access our NATS home page
  • Enroll your institution with us online & received user id and password
  • Received online approval from BOAT /BOPT (status displayed in your login)
  • Login using your received user id and password
  • Go for “Bulk Upload” and download the template
  • Enter your passed out students’ details in the prescribed form mentioned in template
  • Then attach the template in bulk upload
  • When can we give the bulk upload of our student details?

    After registering online & getting requisite approval, you can upload the students’ detail thro’ Bulk Upload.

    Do we forward any hardcopy/documents to your organization after our online enrollment?

    No. We only require enrollment.

    Can we change our institution data already entered?

    Yes, you can change some details of your institution by logging using your user id and password.

    What will happen if a contract is not accepted within 15days days ?

    Contract will be marked auto-rejected and candidate will no longer have the facility to re-accept it.